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Regretful Tattoo? Uncle Winny Says, 'Get Back to Work!

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Clock icon Published At: Mon Mar 13 2023

"Damn, I Inked Up!" - The Epic Saga of Erasing Regrets and WINZ's Tattoo Redemption

Introduction: Ink, Gangs, and Employment Woes

We've all had those WTF moments in life. Like the morning after a heavy night out when you wake up with a pounding head, a stranger's name on your phone, and – the cherry on top – a brand new tattoo of a cat riding a skateboard. Ah, life's beautiful regrets. New Zealand, home to breathtaking landscapes, fantastic rugby, and – yup, you guessed it – a shit-ton of regrettable tattoos. But fear not, for the ever-gracious Aotearoa comes to the rescue via the Work and Income agency (WINZ). Brace yourselves; it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

Chapter 1: The Infamous Kiwi Tattoos – Not All Are Maori Masterpieces

Tattoos in New Zealand are a rich tapestry – from Maori ta moko, a symbol of pride and cultural identity, to that bloody awful "Southern Cross" that seemed like a good idea after a few pints. And then we have the notorious gang tattoos.

Aotearoa's gang scene is as Kiwi as hokey pokey ice cream – just a tad less sweet. From the Mongrel Mob's bulldogs to Black Power's clenched fists, these inked symbols are a ticket to a brotherhood. But while they're perfect for that rugged gangsta look at the local pub, they're not exactly the ticket to landing a cushy corporate gig or even a casual chat at the coffee machine.

Employers? Oh, mate, they can be a judgy bunch. So, if you're rocking facial tattoos from your wilder days and seeking a job outside the underground street fighting circuit, things might be tricky. But, Uncle Winny's got your back, or face, or whatever body part you've managed to ink up.

Chapter 2: WINZ’s Tattoo Cover-Up – Kiwi’s Best Kept Secret

You might think WINZ is just about dolling out dollars to keep the lights on, but surprise, motherf**ker! They’re also in the business of helping you undo some of your "artistic" choices. Especially those that scream, "I was high, young, or both."

Now, before you start seeing dollar signs and planning your next ink adventure thinking Uncle Winny will bail you out, there's some shit you need to know.

Eligibility - The Hoops You Gotta Jump Through

  • The Kiwi Card: Being a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident. No tourists seeking a tattoo do-over, please.
  • Age Matters: 18+. Because teenagers make mistakes, adults pay to correct them.
  • Dole Roll Call: Enjoying the moolah from WINZ already? That’s a tick.
  • Tattoo Regret Level 100: If your tattoo makes babies cry or grandmas clutch their pearls, you’re on the right track.
  • Pro Quote: Because if you’re getting it removed, make sure it’s by someone who won’t turn your bulldog into a puddle of melted crayons.

Chapter 3: The Great Un-inking Expedition

Got your eligibility ducks in a row? Time for the adventure of a lifetime. Well, a trip to your local WINZ office, which can feel like an expedition if you’re hungover.

The Nitty-Gritty Application Process:

  1. Prep Talk: Before heading to WINZ, pump yourself up. Stand in front of the mirror, look at that tattoo, and tell yourself, "You're about to be history, mate."
  2. Document Drama: Grab all the necessary shit. ID, that precious quote, maybe a snack? You know how long these lines can be.
  3. The WINZ Waltz: March into that office like you own the place. Show 'em the ink, show 'em the papers. But please, no tears.
  4. The Judgement Day: Once you submit, there’s the wait. Will they fund your un-inking escapade, or will you remain a canvas of questionable choices?

Chapter 4: The Quest for the Right 'Un-inker'

WINZ might fund your tattoo removal, but they sure as hell won't pick where you get it done. This chapter's on you, cowboy.

  1. Reputation is Everything: You don’t want someone who learned tattoo removal watching YouTube tutorials.
  2. Tech Geek Out: We’re living in the bloody future; ensure they’ve got the latest and greatest in laser tech.
  3. Cost-Benefit Analysis: Sure, WINZ is footing the bill, but get your money's worth. And by that, we mean no scarred memories, just scar-free skin.

Chapter 5: Beyond The Laser – Life After Regret

Post-laser feels? A mix of euphoria, relief, and a burning sensation. But every sting is a step away from past follies and closer to a brighter, ink-less future (or at least one where employers don’t do a double-take).

Epilogue: Lessons from the Inked Side

Aotearoa's tattoo redemption saga, via WINZ, is more than just about erasing ink; it’s about second chances and reclaiming narratives. Tattoos, be it a drunken mistake or a gang insignia, are markers of stories.