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A Commitment to Excellence

When you step into Laser Studio - Tattoo Removal Auckland, you’re not just walking into another establishment. You’re entering a sanctuary of professionalism, knowledge, and commitment, fueled by a team of dedicated experts who stand tall in the domain of tattoo removal.

Behind every successful operation, there is a team. A team driven by passion, and at Laser Studio, passion is abundant. With every client that walks through our doors, the team’s combined decades of experience comes to the forefront, ensuring an unmatched experience.

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Brandi Turei - The Guiding Force

Head Technician and Beacon of Laser Safety

Journey to Mastery

Brandi’s journey into the world of tattoo removal is not just a tale of professional accomplishment, but one that speaks to her personal evolution. Hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, USA, Brandi’s initial steps in the health and aesthetics world saw her as a dedicated dental assistant. However, the world of beauty and aesthetics had a pull she could not resist. Pursuing her interest, she obtained a degree from Elite Beauty and ventured into diverse beauty clinics from the heart of Texas to the shores of Auckland, New Zealand.

It was during her tenure in these clinics that a specific facet of aesthetics caught her eye - the intricate art and science of tattoo removal. Recognizing the profound emotional, psychological, and physical implications that many held with their tattoos, Brandi saw an opportunity to make a difference. She enrolled at the distinguished Astanza Laser College in Houston, where she not only became a certified tattoo removal technician but also elevated her credentials by becoming a Laser Safety Officer.

Her thirst for knowledge didn’t end there. Upon her return to the captivating landscapes of New Zealand, she further fortified her expertise by achieving certification from the NZ Laser Institution in Auckland.


Decade of Dedication

A decade in any field speaks volumes about commitment. Over the past ten years, Brandi has delved deep into the intricacies of tattoo removal. Guided by both her technical prowess and a genuine desire to help, she has transformed the lives of countless individuals. Through each session, Brandi emphasizes a gentle approach, a quality that her clients have come to deeply appreciate and value.


Service Beyond Removal

What sets Brandi apart is not just her capability to remove tattoos efficiently but her innate ability to listen. To understand. To guide. She recognizes that behind every tattoo there’s a story. By taking the time to delve into the unique journey of each client, Brandi ensures an experience that is not only effective but deeply personal and reassuring.

Under her guidance, Laser Studio isn't just about erasing ink but about instilling confidence, offering a fresh start, and healing past regrets. It's this very ethos that saw the inception of Laser Studio - Tattoo Removal Auckland in 2022.


The Laser Studio Vision

Founded with an undying vision of providing unparalleled tattoo removal services to Auckland and the broader New Zealand community, Brandi sought to blend industry-leading safety practices with a deeply personal approach. Under her leadership, Laser Studio has become synonymous with safety, effectiveness, and a sense of community. She emphasizes that the journey of tattoo removal isn't just physical but deeply emotional, and she and her team are there every step of the way.



More Than Just a Team

While Brandi stands as a pillar of expertise and compassion, she’s not alone. The Laser Studio team, each with their unique backgrounds and strengths, combine their energies to offer a service that is unmatched in the realm of tattoo removal.

From initial consultations to post-procedure care, the Laser Studio team is dedicated to ensuring clients feel understood, valued, and cared for. Each team member, whether they're directly involved in the removal process or behind-the-scenes, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the studio's vision and mission are realized with every client interaction.



A Partnership with Our Clients

Understanding that the decision to remove a tattoo is often profound, Laser Studio ensures that every client feels supported. The 'Chat To A Technician' feature stands testament to this commitment. It serves as an open channel of communication, allowing potential clients to discuss their concerns, expectations, and hopes with a certified technician even before they set foot in the studio.



In Conclusion

Laser Studio - Tattoo Removal Auckland is more than just a tattoo removal service. It's a haven of expertise, empathy, and transformation. Led by the indomitable Brandi Turei, the team is setting new standards in the tattoo removal industry, one session, one story, and one transformation at a time.