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Understanding Tattoo Removal in Auckland

Embarking on the path to skin renewal, especially in the bustling heart of Auckland, requires a blend of technology, expertise, and commitment. At Laser Studio Auckland, we are pioneers in the domain of tattoo removal, offering unparalleled services backed by years of experience and dedication.

Nestled in the vibrant landscape of Auckland, Laser Studio is not just another tattoo removal clinic. We stand as a beacon of hope for those yearning to rewrite their stories, erasing the inked chapters that no longer resonate with them. With every pulse of our state-of-the-art Picosecond laser, we inch closer to perfection, ensuring that our clients' skin remains as pristine as the beaches of Auckland.

WINZ approved Tattoo Removal? Up down arrow
Laser Studio is an approved Tattoo Removal center for WINZ. Let us assist you in your Tattoo Removal Auckland journey, the team at Laser Studio Auckland are here to help and will ensure the best care and treatment for every client. Government-funded tattoo removal Auckland. WINZ tattoo removal Auckland.
Who removes tattoos for free? Up down arrow
We are a Authorised WINZ Supplier for Tattoo Removal Auckland. Feel free to come on in and get a free estimate and we will have you booked in for your Laser Tattoo Removals treatments in no time! Government-funded tattoo removal Auckland. WINZ tattoo removal Auckland.
How can I remove a tattoo myself? Up down arrow
Don't do it! There is no home remedy for the removal of any Tattoo and trying to do it yourself could leave you with irreversible scarring for life! Best to chat to a technician at Laser Studio - laser tattoo removal Auckland and they will be more then happy to advise you on your Tattoo Removal journey.
What is the cheapest way to remove tattoos? Up down arrow
There's no way getting around the cost of Laser Tattoo Removal. Here at Laser Studio - tattoo removal clinic Auckland we have tried to make the tattoo removal cost as economical and fair as possible. Talk to the team today to find out what the cost would be for your Tattoo Removal.
Do tattoo removal creams work? Up down arrow
The simple answer is no. Further more these creams can irritate and can cause serious skin reactions that can result in permanent skin and tissue damage. The most effective way is with a Picosecond - Laser tattoo removal specialist Auckland
Does tattoo removal leave a scar? Up down arrow
Does Laser Tattoo Removal leave scarring? It's uncommon for you to have scaring after the Tattoo Removal process if the proper Laser protocols and patient aftercare are followed. If your skin already has scarring or irregularities then these will typically remain. Come and chat to the best laser tattoo removal Auckland - Laser Studio
Is it worth getting a tattoo removed? Up down arrow
Laser Tattoo Removal with a Picosecond laser is the most efficient way to remove a today today. With the use of Lasers it's a relatively non invasive treatment that specifically targets the ink of your unwanted tattoo and will leave the surrounding skin unaffected.
How much is the removal of tattoo? Up down arrow
Here at Laser Studios we use leading technology for the removal of tattoos. We have some of the most advanced MediTek lasers to get the best possible results, without the hefty price tag. Session can start as low as $89 for small Tattoo Removal. Affordable tattoo removal Auckland. Tattoo removal cost Auckland
How long will it take? Up down arrow
Treatment times depend on your skin type, colour and size of your tattoo. Our shorter treatments can take around five minutes, while the longer treatments can take up to 30+ minutes depending on the size. To fade a tattoo (if it’s being covered with a new tattoo) will be around 4-6 sessions, while a full removal takes 6-12 sessions. Effective tattoo removal Auckland.
Is tattoo removal painful? Up down arrow
Most of our clients have likened laser removal to actually getting a tattoo. You may feel some slight discomfort or ‘prickling’, but we use advanced skin-cooling machines to minimise any pain you may feel. Immediately after the treatment is finished, the affected area will be cooled and have aftercare products applied. Tattoo removal aftercare Auckland. The most painless tattoo removal Auckland.
What kind of tattoos can be removed? Up down arrow
With massive advancements in the Tattoo Removal industry Picosecond lasers allow us to work on even the more challenging tattoo colors that at one time would have been impossible to eliminate from the skin. With the Pico Fusion VX2 Laser from MediTek Laser Studio has the ability to achieve amazing results.
Can tattoos be completely removed? Up down arrow
Most tattoos can be entirely removed. This is how ever based on a few factors. Skin type, ink used and the way your body reacts to treatments. Our technicians will be open and ensure you are advised of what kind of level of removal is possible for your tattoo. Laser tattoo removal experts Auckland
Tattoo Removal Cream Up down arrow
Tattoo removal cream is a topical solution that claims to remove unwanted tattoos. However, most of these creams are not effective and can even cause skin damage. In fact, the only proven method for safe and effective tattoo removal is laser treatment. At Laser Studio Auckland, we use state-of-the-art Picosecond laser technology to safely and effectively remove unwanted tattoos. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and learn more about your options for tattoo removal.
Laser tattoo removal benefits Up down arrow
Laser tattoo removal has many benefits, including safe and effective removal of unwanted tattoos with minimal discomfort. Laser Studio Auckland uses state-of-the-art Picosecond laser technology to provide personalized treatment plans for each client, ensuring the best possible outcome. Free consultations are available, and our clinic is conveniently located in Auckland. Contact us today to achieve the desired results of tattoo removal. Professional tattoo removal Auckland
What is PicoSure? Up down arrow
PicoSure is a type of laser technology used for tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, and scar treatment. It delivers ultra-short pulses of energy that shatter the ink particles or stimulate collagen production in the skin, resulting in clearer skin and a more youthful appearance. Picosecond laser tattoo removal Auckland
Tattoo Removal Auckland Up down arrow
Laser Studio is Aucklands leading Laser Tattoo Removal specialists! Tattoo Removal Auckland provides the safest and most advance Picosecond technology in the removal of tattoos. Tattoo removal consultation Auckland
Tattoo Removals Auckland Up down arrow
Tattoo Removals Auckland - Here at Laser Studio we use industry leading Picosecond technology for the Laser Tattoo Removals process. Treatments are performed with the latest technology in Picosecond Tattoo removal Lasers. Safe tattoo removal Auckland
Tattoo fading Auckland Up down arrow
Tattoo fading is the process of using laser technology to lighten or remove a tattoo by breaking down the ink particles in the skin. Laser tattoo removal Auckland
What is tattoo lightening Auckland and how is it different from tattoo removal? Up down arrow
Tattoo lightening is the process of using a laser to fade a tattoo to make it easier to cover up with a new tattoo. It is different from tattoo removal because the goal is not to completely remove the tattoo, but to lighten it enough to make it less visible. This is often done when someone wants to cover up a tattoo with a new design that would be difficult to achieve if the old tattoo was still very dark or prominent. Laser tattoo removal Auckland.
Tattoo removal near me Auckland? Up down arrow
"Discover the best tattoo removal near you in Auckland with our expert team at Laser Studio - Tattoo Removals Auckland. Say goodbye to unwanted tattoos and hello to a fresh start." Check our tattoo removal specials Auckland.





Our journey is deeply intertwined with the city's spirit. Auckland, known for its majestic harbors and dynamic Maori culture, demands nothing but excellence. Adhering to this ethos, our team of skilled technicians, backed by the cutting-edge Pico Fusion VX2 Laser technology, delivers results that are nothing short of miraculous.

But why consider tattoo removal? Much like the evolving skyline of Auckland, personal narratives shift and change. A tattoo that once symbolized a cherished memory or milestone might not hold the same meaning years later. Recognizing this evolution, Laser Studio Auckland provides a seamless and efficient tattoo removal experience. Whether you're looking to completely erase a tattoo or merely lighten it for a cover-up, we tailor our approach to meet your unique needs.

Beyond the precision of our lasers, we emphasize post-treatment care. After all, the heart of our mission lies in rejuvenating the skin while preserving its natural essence. Clients can confidently step into the world, basking in the beauty of their refreshed skin, reminiscent of Auckland's sun-kissed beaches and lush green landscapes.

As Auckland's premier destination for tattoo removal, Laser Studio remains committed to pushing boundaries. Every individual who walks through our doors isn't just a client but a testament to our dedication. In a city that celebrates diversity and transformation, we invite you to experience the unparalleled tattoo removal services at Laser Studio Auckland.

Join us, and embrace the freedom to reinvent, redefine, and rejoice in the skin you're in.