"Picosecond Magic: Auckland's Fast Track to Tattoo Freedom"

Goodbye Shtty Tattoos: How Picosecond Laser at Laser Studio Auckland is Revolutionising Tattoo Regret" 🚀🤣🔥

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Clock icon Published At: Thu Feb 02 2023

You reckon you've seen it all in the Land of the Long White Cloud? Nah mate, not until you’ve met the goddamn game-changer in the tattoo clean-up scene: the friggin' Picosecond laser. Grab a cold one, lean back, and let me tell you about this laser that's faster than Dave from Accounts running to snag the last sausage roll at a Friday arvo work shout.

WTF is a Picosecond Laser, Bro?

Look, in layman Kiwi terms: it's like the All Blacks of lasers. Bloody unbeatable. This bad boy spits out light so damn quick, it's measured in picoseconds - that's one trillionth of a second. Compare that with your ex’s commitment issues; this laser’s faster and WAY more effective. The power it kicks out? Well, mate, it's like a herd of sheep charging through a gate. Except it's charging through your crappy tat.

The Picosecond Magic: How's It Roll?

Alright, here's the skinny. When you’ve got a tat that looks like something your niece doodled in preschool, the Picosecond laser fires super-quick energy bursts to smash that shoddy ink to bits. Those particles? Your body goes all 'clean-up crew' and sweeps them away. And the best part? This magic stick can target even the most stubborn colours, like that dodgy green you thought was a great idea after a wild night in Dunedin.

Why The Hell Should You Care?

Lightning Speed: Unlike waiting for Auckland traffic to move, this laser gets shit done pronto! Less time under the laser, more time showing off the un-inked you.

Fewer Hangouts Needed: You'll be dropping into the clinic fewer times than you drop into your local for a cheeky pint. And that’s saying something.

Like a Whisper on Your Skin: Minimal dramas with this one. It's a bit of a soft touch, so you're looking at less scarring and crap. Not like that one time you tried to DIY with a cheese grater, aye?

Not Just for Sh*t Tattoos: Got a gnarly sunspot from too much time in the Coromandel sun? A scar from that time you thought jandals were appropriate hiking gear? This laser's got you sorted.

To Wrap This Yarn Up...

So, Kiwi mates, if you’re cursing that drunken tat you got on a lads’ trip in Queenstown or just trying to undo the past (aren’t we all?), this Picosecond magic might just be your ticket out. No more hiding your arm every time you reach for the tomato sauce at the family BBQ. Dive in, get zapped, and welcome back your clean skin. And for God's sake, next time just get a temporary tattoo, will ya? 🍻🤙🏼🌿